Ever since I entered the world of indie polish, I’ve been blown away by the techniques and mixtures the artisans are using. One that fascinated and I had not yet seen from a major brand, are the thermals. These polishes change colour in warm vs. cold temperatures, so the idea is that they will change colour on your nail.

I screwed up my first attempt since I neglected to read the description and didn’t realise the thermal I got was clear when warm. So a) I’m wondering why the polish keeps disappearing when I apply it and b) I’m wondering why I don’t see any colour change at all. Turns out you need long nails to achieve the full effect so that the part not on your flesh is cooler and therefore changes colour. So apparently not so good for stubbies. D’uh!

So this time I had my nails long and the weather went ballistic – not just cold, but the worst storm in 10 years raged for 3 days. I got a lot of colour change through the nails!!

Base Coat: Homei Glitter Peel Off Base Coat WITH OPI Natural Nail Base Coat on top.

Base colour: OPI I Love Applause. I thought I’d give this another go despite my poor previous experience with it, because the colour is just so damn nice. And I haven’t found another baby pink that has been any better. This time, with a bit of extra care, it seemed to play nicer when I applied it. Still took 3-4 coats for full opacity, but if I gave it a 2/10 before, it’s now more of a 6/10. Colour payoff is gorgeous though!

Thermal polish: Polished By KPT Camellia. This is red in the bottle and goes rapidly clear once on the nail and it warms up (so no, I haven’t missed a spot!). With the longer nails, the colour change was very apparent, particularly when I was warm and in an air-conditioned environment. It was freezing outside, so a few minutes outside and the nails turn a deep red. Very nice, a bit gloopy to apply (actually I think this is a top coat), just remember where you applied it, because when it changes colour its quite apparent where you didn’t apply it evenly.

Glitter nail: PrettyPots Polish Burlesque Baby. I bought a stash of this from someone else and just wanted to try it, hence it looks a bit out of place. It was more sheer then I expected and probably needed a few more coats. Otherwise it was pretty good and glitter payoff was great.

Stamping polish: American Apparel Hassid.

Top coat: Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat


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