Matte Finishes

I’ve been going through like a mani a day for the past couple of weeks. One reason is because I had 2 loads of polishes arrive in the mail this month and I’m going nuts trying them all. The other reason is that I am simply not happy with the mani. Mostly it’s not the polish, it’s my exceedingly poor application in my rush to slap it on. But I think I’ve found one that I actually really like even with its flaws!

I bought my matte top coat from Japan a month ago but I haven’t tried it, usually opting for super shiny nails, especially with glitter polish. I thought I’d try it on solid colours, and I love the result! Especially after stamping with some new stamping plates I got!


L to R: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, Jill Stuart Matte Chiffon Scenic Mist, OPI Eurso Euro, American Apparel Hassid, Cyber Colors Matte Top Coat

The matte finish is really lovely to look at and touch, and it makes my mani look pretty classy even with birds stamped all over it!

Base Coat: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat

Pale blue: Jill Stuart Matte Chiffon Scenic Mist. This is a limited edition collection, I bought this one in Macau (though I suspect it would have been cheaper in Japan). I don’t think you can get this brand in Australia, which is a shame because I love this polish. It dries fast, applies well, and self levels (so important!!). This took 3 coats for full opacity.

Dark blue: OPI Eurso Euro. I’ve used this before, it is a solid, gorgeous, royal blue. It is almost the rich shade of royal blue I have in my mind. This one applies itself, this was 2 coats but it was pretty much fully opaque on one.

Stamping black polish: American Apparel Hassid. This really is the perfect black stamping polish.

Stamping white polish: Celestial Cosmetics Snow. Not as bold as the black, but definitely an improvement on using OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I have bought another white polish from Canmake (Japan) which is quite thick, so I might give that a go too.

Top Coat: Cyber Colors Matte Top Coat. Dried very fast, quite entertaining to watch it go from shiny to matte. Seems to be a pretty solid top coat, it’s been 24 hours so far, I’ve washed my hair (within an hour of applying the mani), did all my usual stuff and typed this post, no chips at all.

I think I’ll keep this mani at least for a few days!


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