Femme Fatale April Presales Stash

I joined up with the Femme Fatale Fiends Facebook group, and boy aren’t they are bunch of polish addict enablers. I’ve discovered a lot of indie brands through Femme Fatale and it’s opened up a whole new world of polish. But one thing I hadn’t actually tried is FF polish itself – the sales model is a bit odd in that they have 1 week presales once a month where they will sell their own brand, but at other times you need to buy through a reseller, all of which are overseas. So this month I got in on the presales action, and there were casualties (mostly my wallet).

A total of 9 polishes were released:

  • A ‘Snow White’ inspired collection of 7
  • A ‘colour of the month’ (COTM)
  • A FB group exclusive

And then, just to make our wallets cry for mercy, a sample sale was also run, which was fun because I had no idea what I ended up with!

So a couple of weeks after the presales ended, I get this in the mail:


And after opening all the cute boxes:


L to R (top row): Vermillion Vagabond, Mirror Mirror On the Wall…, Art of Witchcraft, Weed in her Heart, Ever Elusive L to R (bottom row): Aileron, Starlike Haze

So. Much. Goodness. I had to try out all 7 polishes at once on 10 fingers, and yes it is possible to do without looking like a complete lunatic. Here though I am only showing the better looking hand, but I’ll include a description of the others as well.

Base coat: Homei Glitter Peel Off Base Coat WITH OPI Natural Nail Base Coat on top.

Thumb and ring finger: Art of Witchcraft. Formula went on like a dream, it painted itself (I love saying that, because I love it when it does!). It’s a dark jelly that built up quickly, I think this was two coats. It’s got a lovely sparkly depth to it but the glitter is quite fine.

Index finger: Vermillion Vagabond (COTM). This reminds me of Illamasqua’s Marquise, but this one is finer and dries smooth. The application was super easy and it barely needed a second coat. Very lovely polish.

Middle finger: Weed in her Heart. There’s something about this one which fascinates me though I’m not sure why – it should be called ‘Ever Elusive’! It’s sheer but with a nice depth of colour, it’s blue-green and reminds me of water. There’s a faint shimmer to it, and I don’t think any amount of layers is getting rid of that VNL (you’re looking at 3 layers around here), but somehow with this polish VNL actually looks attractive. Almost like I’m peering through water to my nails.

Pinky: Ever Elusive. This one should have been layered over something else, I didn’t realise it was so sheer. In the bottle it looks like a pale lavender, but it goes on almost clear. No problem with application and the pretty flakies spread evenly.

The Other Hand:

  • Mirror, Mirror: This is the glittery-est of all, loads of silver and sparkly holos make this a packed polish. It dries a little rough as a result and is the most like the Illamasqua Shattered Star series.
  • Aileron: This was a sample bottle, but I love it. It’s well pigmented and applies very easily. It’s a silver base with a bit of holo – a bit similar to others, so maybe that’s why it’s just a sample.
  • Starlike Haze: This was the other sample bottle. This required the most coats out of all the polishes, but it built up easily and has a lovely, rich, berry-coloured jelly base with fine purple and red glitter throughout. Glittery but understated.

Overall I’m very impressed by the quality of Femme Fatale polishes, this was a stunning release!

For a more professional swatch review, see http://www.serenitynails.com.au/2015/03/femme-fatale-cosmetics-snow-white-inspired-release-april-2015/.

Can’t wait for my wallet to cry again next month! I might consider some of the Snow White collection again after passing them up the first time!


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